EnerKeeper is a power saving system that can reduce the power costs between 5 ~ 15% by decreasing harmonic, unbalance and reactive current.

Created with the patented ATW (Auto transformer winding) technology, EnerKeeper is a new product that can help reduce the harmonic, unbalance and reactive power generated from the power systems.

The core and coil structure helps reduce the factors of troubles and the product is manufactured applying the category H insulation that can endure temperature up to180 degrees.

As a product for a complex load, which can be installed at the output side of a transformer or a circuit breaker, it provides a good saving effect compared with existing products, depending on the types and conditions of loads, such as power and lighting. It can help save costs that can be incurred due to redundant investment.

This provides a semi-permanent product life span of 15~20 years when used in a rated work environment. As no semiconductors and condensers are used, the maintenance costs are significantly decreased.

This product can be used safely for facilities that have huge variations in voltage or unbalance in loads

As the ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) is embedded, the bypass function kicks in automatically within 0.08sec when overload occurs.

As eco-friendly materials are used, there is no risk of environmental pollution. All of the components in the product can be recycled.

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